Our projects are designed to make the customer money. We do so in a vast range of photography, videography, social media development, event coverage, drone work, and just about anything else marketing. 

Northwood Auto Show

Vert9 was tasked with creating a "hype" style video for Northwood University, and we delivered. Our team handled this large event with ease, this was easily one of our favorite jobs!

One of our favorite animations we've made is featured at the beginning of this video, all made from scratch. 


For this project you will see our dramatic drone shots, combined with our video that truly break up the ordinary video that other companies will offer. You will also see an array of different editing tricks, things like transitions, on screen graphics, and 3d effects. 

Hills Point Resort

Vert9 was tasked with covering the resort and the surrounding areas. In this video, we featured the surrounding areas. Truly fantastic up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 


This video was a true testimate to the extents at which Vert9 is willing to go to to get the job done. Travel, staying the night, and going above and beyond are all a part of the job and Vert9 understands that.

Frankenmuth Autofest

Covering a smaller podcast for Northwood University, Vert9 was tasked with drone flights, and overall production for this video. Truly a fantastic product. 

Featured arae some great clips of classic cars, transitions, multiple effects, etc. We think this video showcases how Vert9 can make even stationary cars "move" through the flow of the video.