The Future of Drones

Drones are no doubt some of the hottest tech on the market right now. It seems that with every new rendition of drone that releases, the technology stuffed inside the drone is 10x more advanced and 10x more capable. But what does this mean for the future of drones, and how will drones affect our everyday lives?

Drones for most people don't have much of an effect on their daily lives. For some, they are business tools, for others, they are fun toys. But in China, they are monitors. Without getting too political, the Chinese government has sent out drones to monitor people that aren't staying inside. For reference, China is seeing an extremely large spike in Covid cases. Sure, this is an extreme example of what drones can be used for, but there is no doubt governments around the world will continue to use these as tools, good or bad. The usage of drones in this method is certainly controversial in the western world.

Drone delivery is also a huge prospect for businessmen around the world right now. It would seem that the FAA isn't letting just anyone deliver through drones, but as the years pass and technology heightens, it's becoming more and more viable. Drone delivery would change the way we see the world. Instead of things taking a day or two to deliver from amazon, Walmart can have your toothbrush to you in 15 minutes or less, and grocery stores can have your groceries on your doorstep in less than a half-hour! Incredible! It would seem that drones can be used for extremely good or bad things.

What tech is behind all of this though? It would seem that drones are set to be flown autonomously to their destinations, which is a few years out still. This is why things like drone delivery and other ideas are sort of on pause until these technologies are fully developed. It simply would cost too much for pilots to have to fly their drones to deliver a toothbrush or a jug of milk.

Drones are exciting! They certainly play a huge role in what we do here at Vert9 Digital Marketing. I think for marketing, they can really inspire the customer to buy whatever product the advertiser is selling. I have seen them take videos from mediocre to incredible! Drones are the future! Get with it!

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