Does Marketing Actually Work For Small Business?

Yes and no. If done effectively, marketing can truly make or break a business. But thats just the key. What makes good marketing, what should you avoid, and what are the objectives of marketing?

When it comes down to it, marketing works.

Let's start by defining marketing. Marketing is the process of creating content that drives traffic to your business or event. Marketing can have many mediums, things as websites, advertising, social media, videos, and pictures.

For a lot of businesses and especially small businesses, marketing can be a truly daunting task. There's always the fear of wasted money within a company, and as a small business owner, one simply cannot have that. That's where effective marketing comes into play. We've all seen effective marketing whether we realize it or not. The products we buy or don't buy, are all driven by marketing. For example, we all remember the oil spill a few years ago, and there was a certain dish soap that marketed itself as the soap they were using to clean the animals and local wildlife affected by the oil in the ocean. See, I didn't even mention the name of the dish soap, but you knew it was "Dawn."

So it's established, that marketing works. But that Dawn advertising campaign cost millions and millions of dollars, something most if not all small businesses don't have. So how do we create ads with less capital? It's simple!

Cost-Effective Ads... Do They Even Exist?

Yes! Cost-effective ads do exist! Maybe they aren't as time effective, but they do exist! For many companies we see social medias, posting to their Google profile, or other free means. These methods can be extremely effective, although it does take quite a bit of time to build up a following that is dedicated to your brand. These methods are free, but what are some low-cost options?

Let's start with what makes a cost-effective ad. Well, there are a few metrics you must become familiar with if you intend on marketing your product or business through Facebook or Google ads. First is impressions. Impressions show that your ad is being seen by someone, but they don't mean that your ad is working, I'll get into that a little bit later. Next are actions or clicks. These are the number of times someone not only saw your ad but clicked on it. This is what I would call a "good" number. See, impressions really don't mean anything unless people actually interact with your ad. That's where a lot of businesses lose touch with what good marketing looks like. To create those interactions, one must have a compelling argument for someone to click and not only that convert to a sale. The good news is, for Google and Facebook both, you only pay per click, so you can try different ad ideas, then move forward with those that seem to be more effective.

So how do you come up with a compelling argument for the user to be converted into the customer? Well, you can try to come up with an argument yourself, or you can try to work with a marketing firm. This can be dangerous however because most marketing firms aren't out to make the customer money. That's where Vert9 is different. Our objective is not to make ourselves money, but the customer money. With an objective like that, our marketing automatically becomes more effective. For more information, check out some of our other pages and or blogs as we break down what we did in past cases to make our marketing effective.

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